Kitchen Chalkboard Wall – Before & After

Love our new chalkboard wall! Easy project to do in an afternoon and adds a really cute and customized touch to a kitchen.


Kitchen Chalkboard wall before


Kitchen Chalkboard Wall After

How-to: 1) Tape the wall with masking tape. 2) Use a small Walls & Ceilings paint roller to primer the wall with any standard primer. I used 1-2-3 Primer. 3) Wash and use the same Walls & Ceilings paint roller with the Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint in Black. I had to do 2 coats of the Chalkboard paint. Let dry about an hour in between coats 4) Go in with a small paintbrush to get the edges and make sure everything is covered. 5) Apply the decal following the instructions provided Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint

Enzo is of course supervising the project…

Chalkboard Wall before

The decal is from a wonderful seller on Etsy: RunWildVinylDesigns. Kelly made it custom for me from a photo that I sent to her. I’m sure if you attach one of these photos to your order, she could do the same for you quite easily.



10 Must-Have Decorations for Any Occasion

Top 10 must-have decorations that work for every holiday. All of these things and ideas are in neutral shades and are easily customizable for any occasion. It’s always great to have these in your drawer for impromptu celebrations or when you didn’t have a chance to plan ahead and decorate. Above all, everything is fairly compact and easy to store…yet creates a big impact and looks like you were planning all week.

1. Chalkboard Placemats
Crate & Barrel Chalkboard Placemat

Crate & Barrel Chalkboard Placemat

I love these Crate & Barrel Chalkboard Placements and use them for every occasion now. Make sure to get a Chalk Ink marker as it doesn’t smear and is much easier to use.

2. Customizable Banner

Customizable banner

Customizable bannerThis Theatre of Dreams Garland from Paper Source is great because it has tons of letters to make any sign you like. It will look like you had a sign custom made for just that occasion!

3. Starry String Lights

Restoration Hardware Lights

Restoration Hardware Starry String  Lights in jars

Restoration Hardware Starry String Lights mirror

Restoration Hardware lights on trees

Love these! These Restoration Hardware Starry String lights are super versatile and come in 6 different sizes. They are on a thin wire and run on a little battery pack so you can put them absolutely anywhere…including outside. Just throw them in a cool jar or hang around the window, mirror or table for instant, gorgeous ambiance!

4. Festive coasters

Kate Spade Coasters

Kate Spade gold confetti coasters are of course adorable.

5. Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Adding paper straws will make a pitcher of anything look extra inviting and delicious.

6. Votive candles

Christmas votive candles

I always have lots of tealight candles on hand. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to create a really nice ambiance. The above Crate & Barrel Elsa candle holders can be customized for any holiday too. Valentine’s Day? Drop in some candy hearts. Halloween? Drop in some plastic spiders. Done and done!

7. Wrapping Paper Runners

Wrapping Paper for table runners

Wrapping Paper Table

Wrapping paper makes a great custom last-minute table runner. Best part is that you can just reuse or recycle it when you’re done.

8. Collapsible Fans

Metallic round paper fans

These Metallic paper fans are really cute and easy to hang or add to any decor.

9. Ribbons

Ribbon napkin holders

I always keep lots of ribbons from Michael’s on hand. They make it very easy to customize for every holiday and match any color scheme.

10. Gold confetti paper placemat

Gold dot placemat

This Confetti Paper placemats pad is really convenient. You just tear off a sheet and you’re all set. They look really nice under appetizer dishes and cheese platters. As a bonus, they are great for kid doodles.

Enjoy! Hope these ideas help make your life a bit easier and little more fabulous!

Kid’s Growth Chart

If you’re looking for a cute kid’s room customization, try out a DIY growth chart. I used acrylic paint, which worked great (Liquitex BASICS).

Giraffe Growth Chart

First step is to sketch a light outline in pencil on the wall.  Then fill it in with the light orange base color. Let it dry for a few hours. I had to go back in and do a second coat to make sure all parts were covered. Then add in the spots, eyes, nose and personality. Don’t forget the cute little extras like little bugs and bees, which make it extra cute.

Giraffe Growth Chart how-to Step 1

Ladybug kids painting

DIY Felt Board

This is a really fun Felt Play Board project that I made a while ago for baby Lena and have been wanting to share for a while. She loves playing with her board and it’s great to keep updating it and adding on new characters and pieces that she is interested in at the time. She was pretty excited to get a moon and stars along with a bike and car for Christmas.

It’s very easy to make and working mommy approved because you can work on it at night while watching a movie….which everyone knows is when I do most of my projects.

I used a Styrofoam board because it’s nice and light and can be easily moved around. I clipped it to the chalk side of her Melissa & Doug easel with the little clips that come with the easel. That gives it a nice angle for the pieces to stick on well. You can get all of these materials at Michael’s.

What you need:

DIY Felt Board How-To

– Styrofoam board or flat surface

Large felt fabric in blue/white and green

– Pack of various colored felt sheets

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (This one is the best as it sticks well and also allows the felt to move without making the farbic stiff. Plus it’s only about $2)

– Small fabric scissors (I thought those were easiest to use, but you can use any that you have around)

Some ideas and inspiration…


Felt animals. Felt dog, felt cat, felt duck, felt giraffe


Felt nature scenery: felt clouds, felt sun, felt moon, felt lake, felt stars, felt flowers

Felt family (her favorite :))

Felt family, felt mom, felt dad, felt baby


Felt clothes, felt dress-up, felt dress, felt shirt. felt pants

Fun props and accessories:

Felt props, felt accessories, felt balloon, felt ice cream


Felt vehicle ideas, felt bus, felt airplane, felt car, felt bike


Felt house

If you have a lot of felt left over, you could try some fun social pillows. These are my work pillows so I didn’t make them, but I love them and I feel like they would be pretty easy to make with some extra felt and a sewing machine.

Social pillows: Twitter pillow, Instagram pillow, Pinterest pillow, Crate & Barrel futon

Instagram and Pinterest felt social pillows

Twitter felt pillow

Have fun and hope that you all enjoy!


DIY Home Updates – Before & After

We have officially started on our many DIY projects since moving into our new home. It’s so nice to finally own a place that we can work on and customize. We sure do love our projects so hope that you enjoy these initial before & after photos.

First order of business was the garage. It was in pretty bad shape as you can see below and we really wanted to clean it up before moving all of our stuff in. The walls were really damaged, the floor had cracks and these was just a bunch of junk in there and falling down tables. Ryan did a TON of work on it over a couple weeks timeframe. He demoed it all, filled in the cracks, sanded down the floors, got some help with the drywall, painted the floor and walls and finished up with some nice trim.


Garage before photo

Garage before photoAFTER:

Garage after photo

Love this blank canvas! Next project is some garage organization.

Next order of business was the closets, which I really wanted to organize and make useable. They didn’t really have any shelf space and also had bulky wood sliding doors, which make the closet pretty hard to access and much smaller. Have to say I’m pretty happy with how Lena’s closet has turned out!


Closet before photoAFTER:

Closet after photoIt’s mainly from Ikea….Kallax shelving unit ($65) with Kvarnvik square grey boxes, matching Kvarnvik round boxes and yellow and pink square boxes. The boxes are super useful and make it really easy for Lena to access her toys and also for Mom to clean them up and get everything out of the way. Working on clean up next for sure ;). White Merete curtains are also from ikea ($30).

Kallax Ikea shelves

Love the nice children’s hangers from the Container Store and these S Hooks are very handy and nice to use for hanging up jackets.


This SVIRA Ikea hanging organizer is really nice for the extra stuff you want to keep out of the way.

         Ikea shelf     IMG_5754

Last project for now is the outdoor bench that really needed some TLC.


Outdoor bench


Outdoor bench after

Still don’t know how I feel about fabric and will probaly change it, but at least it’s nice and clean. Stay tuned for more projects that are on the way!!

Gap Kids + Kate Spade = Cutest Collab Ever

Gap, Kate Spade and Jack Spade just released the most adorable collaboration! It’s for baby and toddler boys and girls. I bet it will go quickly so check it out…

Kate Spade, Gap Kids, Jack Spade Logo

Gap and Kate Spade Girl

Girl pictured in the Bow Print Dress, Dot Tights, Bow Ballet Flats, and holding a Satchel. Could she be any more adorbs?

Kate Spade Four

A few favorites pictured above: Statement Tee, Graphic Pom-Pom Hat, Bow Print Skinny Jeans and Bow Wool Coat.

Kate Spade Gap 2

Have fun and “skirt the rules”!

Pumpkin Carving with a Drill

This pumpkin idea looks really nice and is much easier and quicker to make than regular carving. They look really fun and bright at night too…and are kind of unique!

Drilled Pumpkin

Drilled pumpkin prep

How-To (& a few tips):

1. Cut a nice wide top to the pumpkin so that you can reach in easily. I did angled squares so that the tops don’t fall in.

2. Remove the insides well. A large flat ice cream scoop spoon worked really well.

3. Think of the type of design you want on the pumpkin. I drew out the first design, but thought it was more fun to just go with the flow and improvise the others as I started drilling. You can make dots with a dry erase marker so that you can easily wipe any extras off after.

4. Drill out the holes using a handheld drill and a few sizes of attachment.

5. I washed my pumpkins afterwards to clean off the shavings. I don’t believe they last as long this way so you can also just wipe them off with a towel.

6. Place in a candle and enjoy!

Here is also nice video tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens

Pumpkin drilling

Drilled pumpkin ideas

Lena had fun helping me make glitter pumpkins, which are definitely a much more baby friendly activity (if you don’t mind using up all your glitter 😉 ). Just apply a bit of Elmer’s Glue and brush it down the pumpkin. Then sprinkle on the glitter.

Glitter pumpkins demo

Glittering pumpkins

Glitter baby pumpkins

Happy Halloween!